Emerald Spring Orthopedic Massage, LLC


  • Do I need to wear a mask? 
    Yes, all clients are still required to wear a mask while inside the building.
    You will be able to take your mask off while you lay face down.
  • Are you fully vaccinated?
    Yes, I received my second dose of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine on April 8th, 2021.
  • What safety measures are you taking?
    An incomplete list of Emerald Spring Safety Measures is as follows:
    • Clients are spaced a minimum of 30 minutes apart.
    • Hospital-grade disinfectant is used on all equipment and surfaces between sessions.
    • Floors are sanitized between each client and disinfected twice daily.
    • Two five-step air purifiers with HEPA filters are running at all times, one with ionization to reduce airborne particulates. 
    • I wear a mask at all times.
    • Laundry is done on high-temp to sanitize and I wear mask & sanitize hands when handling all laundry.
  • Are you careful outside of work?
    A summary of my personal safety is as follows:
    • My three housemates and I are each fully vaccinated and have continued to limit unnecessary trips & outings.
    • I continue to wear a mask and social distance when out of the house.
    • I WILL be on-campus at SNHU for classes beginning at the end of August.
      SNHU has required ALL returning students and faculty show proof of vaccination AND  wear masks and social distance while on-campus.